How can you benefit from releasing an MVP?

  • Get feedback
One of the main reasons why experienced developers advise to make an MVP for a startup is feedbacks. It’s critically important to clearly know users’ opinion about your product. With its help you can understand what features are the most desired and expectable, and which ones are unwanted. Remember that any app should solve a definite users’ problem.The best way to find out how successfully your app copes is to get this information directly from users. So use this data for your own profit.

  • Get your first paying customers

One more reason to develop a minimum viable product for a startup is early users. What does it mean for you?

First of all, you will attract potential customers and people, who are engaged with your product. Then they can tell their friends about your app. That’s how you get the viral effect. By the time your startup is fully established you will already have some fans.

Secondly, early users’ feedbacks will help you to shape and direct a development of your startup. It’s a crucial point for every developer, so don’t neglect it.

Thirdly, you can get your first paying customers. Let me underline it once more –paying. Of course, we don’t talk about a huge revenue. However, you will have another source of income, which is great.

  • Save your time

Imagine that you have spent sleepless weeks and months on building your mobile app and when you released it… nothing fabulous happened. No popularity, no profit. Sounds like a nightmare, right? You could spend this time on something more useful.

To create an MVP you will need as little time as possible. Users’ feedbacks will help you to create a really highly demanded and engaging app. What would you prefer: to spend months on developing an app which may fail or use the same time to create an app which is more suitable and friendly to its users? The answer is clear!