Your refund from WeLoveNocode

I asked for a refund but I didn't receive my money back. What shall I do?

We are only able to do a refund to the card from which the payment has been made. 
Please contact support to receive your Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) of the refund transaction.
You may provide this number to your bank as this should help Bank to see your refund in the system and transfer your funds to your active account.

I’ve contacted my bank and they said that as the card was cancelled, the funds bounced back to your account. Can you please transfer to a new account? What details do you need? 

No worries, we're more than happy to help, we couldn't find any information stating that the bank bounced the payment back to us, however, let us explain how it works so that you don't feel that you are going back and forth between us and the bank.
In most cases, the bank will redirect the refund to your new or replacement card. If you do not have a new card, the bank will usually send the refund directly to your bank account.

If neither of those options is available, the bank will return the money to our billing system and we will be contacted via email for further actions.

In case the money has not been returned to our billing system, we highly recommend to speak to a supervisor/manager at the bank ( a standard teller may not find it ) and provide them with these two numbers:
1) the Refund Id;
2) the ARN;
and they will make arrangements to give you the funds.

If they are saying that they can't help, ask them to provide you with a letterhead from the bank with the ARN above, stating what they have done with the funds.
it would show as refund failed if it was sent back to us and from there we can take the information of your new bank account/card and we will send you the refund again.